Monsoon Restaurant

Bangalore, India


Food + Drink


Located in the Park Hotel Bangalore, one of India's first boutique hotels, the inspiration for Monsoon Restaurant is found its setting.

We always try to create a sense of place by making connections to the locale. Through our research we were captivated to discover that Karnataka State is home to some 318 species of Butterflies. Some travel as much as 3000 miles in their short lives – so they represent another kind of traveller. We wanted to embed this motif into the walls of the space so designed a series of panels with intricate inlay work depicting groups of dancing Butterflies. While completing the projects looking out over the pool we were amazed to see a kaleidoscope of butterflies dancing over the water – maybe they had come to take a look?

The dark timber walls are of Wenge and inlaid with oak, walnut and sandalwood. The layout has been designed to accommodate a buffet area and wine storage at the back of the restaurant with a pass to an open kitchen creating a certain buzz. At the front of the room there is a long sofa, embroidered with butterflies, with tables for two that can be combined. A special collectors shelf has been created in the opening, allowing views to and from the lobby.

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Monsoon Restaurant
Monsoon Restaurant
Monsoon Restaurant
Monsoon Restaurant
Monsoon Restaurant

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